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7+ Must Have Plugins for WordPress


If you are a WordPress user and wondering what are the must-have plugins for WordPress. Well, we have collected 7+ must have plugins for WordPress. This article will surely help you to get the right plugin you want to have for your site. Just have a look.

A WordPress plugin is simply a software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. Plugins are useful in extending functionality or add features to your WordPress websites. They are written in PHP programming language and integrates seamlessly with WordPress. No, any coding knowledge is required to install/activate plugins, just a few clicks will be sufficient. In the official WordPress plugin directory, there are thousands of plugins available which any user can use for free. The premium upgraded version is also available which one can use for extra or more features.

Top must have Plugins for WordPress

Here we have collected the top must have plugins that any WordPress user can use for your site. Usually, a plugin is installed or activated for specific functions. It’s not like the user can only have one or two plugins They can have as much as they want as depending on the site’s requirements. So let’s take a look at them.

WP Forms Lite


One of the powerful and must-have plugins for WordPress is WP Forms Lite. With the drag & drop online form builder, you can easily build custom contact forms in minutes.  The plugin consists of a form template. So either you are creating a simple contact form, marketing form, payment order form or any other, form template makes the process easy and saves your time. Not only those the plugin is also SEO friendly, has great speed, and device friendly.


MonsterInsights lite


Monsterinsights is also another must-have plugin for WordPress users. It is the most Google Analytics plugin of WordPress which helps you to make data-driven decisions to grow your business. This plugin of WordPress shows the analytics reports right inside your WordPress Dashboard. Some of its other features are eCommerce enhanced Google Analytics, Google Analytics +GDPR Compliance, Google Adsense & Affiliate link tracking and many more.


Google  XML Sitemaps


Google XML Sitemaps are another popular WordPress plugin used to improve SEO. Besides this, it also notifies all major search engines whenever you create a new post. As it is another must-have plugin for WordPress, you can create special XML sitemaps which give better indexing with the search engines like Google, Bing, and others.




JetPack is also another must-have plugin for WordPress as it checks the site’s management and performance. This WordPress plugin is your security detail guarding your site against unauthorized logins and others. It comes with free basic protection while premium plans contain expanded backups and automated fixes. Some of its other features are peak performance, effortless site management, expert support and so on.


W3 Total Cache


W3 Total Cache is a WordPress Plugin that works on improving the user experience of your site. Another must-have WordPress plugin that integrates with Content Delivery Network(CDN). Some of its features are supported by Accelerated Mobile Support Pages (AMP), Secure Socket Layer, caching of (minified and compressed )pages and posts in memory or disk or on CDN, caching of CSS and Javascript in memory or disk/CDN and many more.


Yoast SEO


Yoast SEO is the most used, popular must have a plugin of WordPress that does search engine optimization. Among many other tools, it is the favorite tool of many users which help to get the targeted results i.e number one spot in search results. It provides full control over the site breadcrumbs. Not only those it comes with internal linking features, bulk editor, keyphrases and many more.


Updraft plus


Updraft is another WordPress plugin that simplifies the backups and restoration. This is also essential and must have a plugin of WordPress, that lets you back up into the cloud directly Dropbox, Google drive and others. It also allows you to set up an automatic backup schedule. This WordPress plugin is also multilingual and is available with Updraft clone i.e. creates instantly a temporary clone of the site.


Shared Counts


An advanced social sharing button, Shared Counts lets you a simple shortcode to insert sharing buttons. It also ensures that you don’t lose any share counts while upgrading your site to HTTPS. It provides styling options as well through which you can choose the perfect look for your site. Other than that, this must have plugin enhances your performance, handles HTTP recovery while upgrading to HTTPS.



So from here, you can see the top must have WordPress plugins. If you have any suggestions or queries then feel free to comment on the section below.

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