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How to allow users to select a delivery time in WooCommerce.


WooCommerce plugin is the go-to solution for everything eCommerce in WordPress. It is a very much flexible and open-source platform for all your eCommerce needs. We are all familiar with the what’s and how’s of WooCommerce. However, something as necessary as allowing to select a delivery date and time doesn’t come out of the box. Not everyone is home/office always and may want a preferred date and time for their order to be delivered. That is what we are going to set up today to allow users to select a delivery time in WooCommerce.

Select delivery time in WooCommerce via a free plugin.

This is a free-to-use plugin and delivers what it promises.

  • Users and customers can choose a delivery Date and Time as per their desire.
  • Admin has the authority to disable certain hours based on Date.
  • Users have the liberty to select the Admin restricted Date while checkingout but not the restricted Time.
  • Also, based on their roadmap, they plan to launch pro version with calendar syncing and multiple date/time blocking feature.

Steps to follow to pick a delivery time in WooCommerce

Well, we all know how to install a plugin, to begin with. So let’s see how we can exploit the plugin further.

  • First off, after the installation of the plugin we can access a setting called “Disable Bookings” which is listed under “WooCommerce”. This is where you select the Date and Time to be disabled for orders.
  • This is where you can select multiple Date and Time to disable delivery.
  • The output is shown in the Checkout page. Also, you can notice there is a new field created called “Choose delivery date and time”. In the case of where you try to select a restricted delivery Date or Time, you will get a pop-up notification as seen on the image.
  • You can get the order details after you have completed filling up the required fields for Date and Time.

This is currently the core feature of the plugin which allows the admin to disable the delivery options based on Date and Time. While allowing customers to choose delivery date and time based on availability.


Creating delivery time slots is more convenient for the customers to keep up with their demands and smart delivery. For now, you can use limited, yet advanced features with the plugin. However, the pro version is set to come with more handy features that allow one to sync Google calendar and so.

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