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Modula Photo Gallery- WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin


In this session, we handpicked one of the Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins i.e Modula Photo Gallery for a review. Let’s check its features and functionalities in detail. 

Photo galleries are a great way to attract the user towards any website. It adds additional beauty and increase your site traffic. Whenever you are going to choose the WordPress themes for your site photo gallery, pay more attention toward it. An elegant and attractive gallery leads to a powerful website. So think twice while choosing any of the available galleries from the WordPress directory. 

For your ease today we came with one of the trending WordPress photo gallery plugin, Modula. This plugin is an amazing WordPress photo gallery plugin which is not only lightweight and fast but also easy to use. It is an awesome free WordPress plugin for your photo gallery which helps you to customize your gallery in a very attractive way. The design is just wow which makes the photos look elegant and eye-catching. With this Modula WordPress plugin, you just have to set the width and height of the picture and all other tasks are done by the plugin itself. Isn’t it great? The photo arrangement by Modula is inside the website so it looks awesome.

Modula is a user-friendly plugin which can be maintained and operated very smoothly. This WordPress plugin allows you to create elegant and lightbox galleries, masonry grids, custom grids and many others with your few clicks. In additional is also available in its premium version with some advanced features to make your website more powerful and attractive.

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Some Incredible Features of Modula-WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin

  • Trusted by 50K+ Users
  • Dedicated Support and Regular Updates
  • Easy to use WordPress Gallery Plugin
  • Translation Ready WordPress Plugin
  • Responsive Design & Cross-browser compatible
  • Developed by Trusted Team

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What is Modula good for?

Here is some listed reason which will clear your queries about the Modula image gallery plugin and I am sure you will be forced to choose this plugin for your site gallery.

  • Provides dynamic and full grid architecture show your art and picture in an attractive way and make the website eye-catching
  • Free of cost and add-ons available for added features
  • Customize your theme with mobile-friends galleries
  • Social Media Sharing option
  • Detailed documentation and video information
  • Featured by popular WordPress blogs and websites

Let us elaborate some of the features in detail to get more familiar with this gallery plugin.

Highlights of Modula Photo Gallery?

Modula-WordPress Photo Gallery

Mobile-Friendly Galleries 

We do not refer to laptop or PC all the times to search for any galleries or websites. So your website should be mobile friendly otherwise your site can lose its sustainability.  But not to worry anymore because the plugin has a responsive layout. It means, the photo gallery of your website looks awesome in all sizes and resolution of the mobile screen.

Hover Effects


Modula provides you with 12 stunning and creative hover effect. Using a hover effect is the best way for increasing traffic to your gallery. These effects make your gallery unique and contemporary and can be used with a title, short description and social icons. Modula will also work perfectly on mobile devices. The list of 12 hover effects are listed below:

  • Appear
  • Cantinelle
  • Comodo
  • Crafty
  • Curtain
  • Fluid Up
  • Hide
  • Lens
  • Pufrobo
  • Quite
  • Reflex
  • Seems

Social Sharing


Social media has become part of our life. Isn’t it? While you are using Facebook, Instagram or any other and you notice something interesting or eye-catching you suddenly share it on the timeline or post it. Like that Modula plugin allows you to share pictures in the gallery in social media. I think it is cool and awesome.  So upload and share lots of images and show them to your social media friends.

6 Lightbox Styles

The 6 Lightbox Styles of Modula smoothly integrated with your galleries. As Modula offers you 6 options for your website, you can choose the right one suitable for your gallery. 6 Lightbox Styles are given below:

  • FancyBox
  • LightGallery
  •  LightBox
  • Magnific Popup
  • PrettyPhoto
  • SwipeBox

Faster Speed

As we know every user want to make their website to run with fast. Isn’t it? For the sustainability of your site, you have to maintain its speed. If it runs slowly them user feel irritated while using it and may leave it. So you have to make your website with the best gallery and fast speed. This is only possible with the use of Modula plugin. It helps you in creating an awesome gallery with various attracting effect and similarly maintain the speed of the website.

Shuffle and Image Loaded Effect

Shuffling an image gives a fresh and new look to the image gallery. With this feature every time you load an image, you can see a new shuffled gallery. The effect of an image increases its attractiveness. With image loaded effect you can apply a beautiful effect to the loaded image which will bring out the best of your gallery. Some of the built-in effects are; slide horizontally/vertically, rotate or scale. You may think, “will affect slow down the page speed or not?” And the answer is NO. It does not affect your page speed.  You can still load images quickly and smoothly.


Modula- WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin

Even you are beginners or confused about Modula, you do not have to worry anymore. You can get full detailed documentation of these awesome plugins so you can use it very easily and smoothly. Everything will be quite simple and straightforward. Visual and written both documentations are available for your help.

Dedicated Support

Last but not least, Modula has an outstanding team for your support. They are available for all kind of support. You can send your queries to them. They will come up with your answer as soon as possible. They also keep updating the theme for regular updates and bug fixing.

Affordable Premium Pricing


Modula has four different types of pricing plans. They are agency, business, trio and basic. You can see basic things about different pricing.

Features/Plans Agency Business Trio Basic
Price $249 $99 $69 $29
Supported Sites Unlimited 25 Sites 3 Sites 1 Site
Support/Updates 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Hover Effects 12 12 12 12
Shortcode Extensions Yes Yes Yes No

Installation Process of Modula Photo Gallery Plugin

To install the Modula plugin you have to go through some simple steps which I have listed below:

  • Go to the plugins in your dashboard
  • Click on add new
  • Choose the zip file of Modula Plugin
  • Once you fixed the plugin, click on the “Install Button”
  • While installing, the orange button starts running. You have to wait till it stops
  • Finally, click on the “Active” button

Hope you will clear about the amazing feature of Modula Gallery Plugin. You can use the plugin for your image gallery without any doubt. This really gives you a great experience. So if you like it, then download it today and implement for your website. Here I have mentioned its procedure, have a look once.

Procedure for Creating a Gallery with Modula Plugin

  • First, select the option “Add Gallery” of Modula
  • Provide the gallery name and description
  • Set the gallery width in percentage and height in pixel
  • Whether you want to display text or not can be set on the next screen so choose your selection
  • Choose whether to display the caption of the image or not. If yes choose where to display.
  • Select the hover effect
  • Apply the minimum image size
  • Finally, add an image from your library and
  • Save the setting.


Finally, we did with the overall features of the Modula Gallery Plugin. It is now very clear that the plugin is perfect for all types of the gallery which will customize your website gallery in an attractive way. Since if your photo gallery is powerful and eye-catching then you will surely get more traffic on your website. It is very easy to use and implement. You can use its documentation as your guideline which is available in video and written format. You can also start a WordPress blog and add a gallery with Modula.

In case of any trouble, you can leave your queries and problems in our comment section. We will return with your solution as soon as possible. Keep visiting our website for more useful and interesting articles.


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