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All about Ubersuggest


Want information on all things SEO?

Well, we are here to discuss one of the most popular online SEO tools- Ubersuggest.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization. It’s the process used to optimize a website’s technical configuration, content relevance and link popularity so its pages can become easily findable, more relevant, and popular towards user search queries, and as a consequence, search engines rank them better.

Ubersuggest is a free Google Chrome extension and a very powerful online SEO tool that gives you the what’s and how’s of the keyword search volume over time. It is your all-in-one SEO tool that also helps you find the most efficient keywords. However, you can always access the Ubersuggest web app on any Web browser. Basically, you know how the keywords are performing and how your competitors are exploiting to get to the top.

This tool was created by Neil Patel; a must-follow personality in the SEO world.

By now we know that SEO is what concerns our website ranking higher on the SERP and getting more traffic. Keep updated information about how a keyword performs in the now is how we are a part of the competition. And, without an SEO tool, we don’t even stand a chance.

With Ubersuggest you can generate effective keyword ideas, analyze volumes, trends, also figure out the keyword difficulty. Furthermore, it is free to use yet limited. You can always subscribe to the premium features and get full access to one of the most amazing SEO tools.

Ubersuggest Dashboard

Ubersuggest has an easy navigatable dashboard that keeps track of your Keywords, Traffic, and Backlinks.

Let’s see what they are for and how you can benefit from these features.

You can just sign up to get access to the free keyword analysis tool, get keyword ideas, and even overview how the keyword performs on the Google Search Index.

Key features to know of:

  • Keyword Ideas
  • Keyword Overview
  • Traffic Overview
  • Backlinks Overview

let’s glance at the basic functionality of these amazing features that come along with Ubersuggest.

Keyword Ideas

This tool is probably the handiest one if you are looking for keywords that fit your content. You can easily find relevant keywords that rank higher for SEO and can integrate them into your page.

You can just enter your desired keyword and then Ubersuggest will fetch you suitable long-tail keywords. Not only that, it has a sweet feature where you can “Discover new keywords” if you are looking for new content ideas. It further generates results based on four subcategories.

  1. Related- Find relevant keywords.
  2. Questions– Find keywords in the form of questions.
  3. Prepositions– Find keywords that have two related concepts in one.
  4. Comparisons– Find keywords based on compitetion.

Keyword Overview

This is where you get a detailed analysis of the keyword you entered along with suggestions. Also, get stats to the search volume and keyword difficulty with this tool. Not only that, you can get information on PPC, CPC, and Paid difficulties of the entered keywords.

Always keep an eye on the keyword difficulty and the traffic volume to get the best SEO possible.

Traffic Overview

Traffic overview generated detailed report on how a particular keyword is performing. It doesn’t just have to be a keyword, you can even get the SEO analysis of a site or a page URL.

Here, you can compare how the competitors are performing. Get information on the most successful keywords they are using and how much traffic they get to their site based on the keyword. The general idea here is to get information on how much traffic is being gained to specific sites and pages based on keywords.

Backlinks Overview

This is where you get all the information to the backlinks used in a specific URL. You can also get an idea of which links your competitors are using and how they perform.

Here, you just need to enter your competitor’s domain and get information on the backlinks used on the page and what websites are sending links to your competitors. Furthermore, you can create links for your own site which ultimately results in more traffic.


Neil Patel, a king of the SEO world, has helped many people through their SEO journey, including me, and releasing Ubersuggest is probably the most direct way he gives his insights. We vaguely discussed the overall aspects of this SEO tool. However, there is much to know and we can utilize this to the full extent only when we use the web app. So, get ongoing and sign up for free for your new SEO tool.

All the best!

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