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Create faster loading websites with these best caching plugins for WordPress

caching plugin

Our main task here is to pick Caching Plugins for WordPress. But it is very necessary to learn what is Caching and it’s importance and benefits before we dive into it. Basically, Caching is the process of temporarily storing information from pages, images, files and Web objects. All those information are stored on the local hard drive. It builds a fixed version of the content and provides it to site visitors. Similarly, it contributes fast loading of the site and enhances the both quality and performances of computer.

Suppose the user browses a web page and left it to complete his other task. When he again comes back to surf the same page. Then, what will happen is that browser will extract those data from cache rather than the original server until mentioned otherwise by the site. This reduces the network traffic and saves the time of the user. Hence a faster loading site.

Benefits and importance of cache

Firstly, it improves both speed and performance of the website.  This is all due to static cache. Likewise, it also lessens the burden of hosting server as it maintains memory and I/O operations. Caching helps to upgrade page ranking of the website because of its faster loading specialty. It heightens the usability. Cache plays a vital role to the users who have confined hosting facility. Cache sites also protect the bandwidth as its file sizes are very small. To achieve this the user has to merge and downsize JavaScript and CSS.

Fascinating, Isn’t it? But our main concern is to permit caching in WordPress. And for it, there are lots of free and premium plugins.  So, let’s check out its features and functions.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket, Cache Plugin


Probably one of the best premium caching plugins for WordPress. It is very convenient and very useful to those who observe difficulties on web programming and its technical terms. WP Rocket is very easy to set up.  Any amateur web user can configure it. If you are a professional then, you can simply operate advanced options and organize custom configuration.

It provides features like cache preloading, browser caching, GZIP compression and options for HTML, CSS and JavaScript minification and concatenation. WP Rocket also comes with images on request specialty where images and video are not loaded until and unless the user scrolls down the page. It improves performance of a website.


W3 Total Cache

W3 Total cache, Cache plugin, WordPress plugin

One of the great caching solution if the user is looking for a speed performance of the page. Because it has WordPress Performance Optimization framework which increases the usability and speeds up page or site. The main feature of W3 total cache is it has 16 pages setting area. And the users don’t have to bang their head while trying to set manual setting. Its default setting performs so well.

The users can get different caching pages like object caching, page caching, browser caching, database caching and so on. It supports Content Delivery Networks and compatible with CloudFlare. W3 Total cache also offers Minification and concatenation of HTML, CSS and JavaScript files.


WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache, Cache plugin, WordPress Plugin


WP Super Cache is also highly recommendable plugin for WordPress after W3 Total Cache. It raises the user experience and speed performance of site with out any doubt. Because in the process of caching, it develops fixed HTML files from WordPress blog rather than WordPress PHP scripts.

WP Super Cache gives features like page compression and powerful caching, Content Delivery Networks, Caching for the user using handheld devices, and much more. It also provides opportunities for fast performance like using  mod_rewrite and PHP to generate static pages. Likewise, it utilizes legacy caching setup to load caches pages for the new users.


Hyper Cache

Hyper Cache, Cache plugin, WordPress cache Plugin


Specially built to improve the fast loading capacity of WordPress blog. Hyper Cache is suitable for both low resources hosting and premium servers. This plugin is so simple to configure that the user doesn’t have to worry about complicated configuration. Also uninstalling it, it removes all unwanted settings, which is something some other cache plugins need to learn from HyperCache.

It offers specialties like mobile cache and theme switch, configurable bypass, supports CDN, and much more. Hyper Cache is bbpress ready which identify new topic and replies and refresh the dedicated cached pages.


WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache , Caching plugin, WordPress Plugin


This plugin is quite comparable with WP Super Cache. Like WP Fastest Cache also creates static HTML data from WordPress blog and deliver it in Cache. It is very efficient but very easy to install. The user doesn’t have to tweak .htaccess configuration file.

With the help of mod-rewrite,  it generates static HTML of website.  WP Fastest cache has features like minification, GZIP compression, browser caching and so on. It supports CDN and SSL. The user can also block cache for webpage with the help of Short Code.


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