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Education Park Pro- Responsive Education WordPress Theme

Education Park Pro,

Education Park Pro is the best responsive education WordPress theme. No doubt, this theme is ideal for school, college, university or any type of learning institute. Integrated with the most powerful Course CPT plugin, which lets you manage courses without any difficulty. Likewise, you can even add course instructor and teacher’s inquiry section. Further, it comes with the compelling features which enable you to add course duration, course syllabus, class size and teaching hour. Use Education Park Pro’s drag and drop feature to manage the home section of the theme.

Let’s examine the features and functions of the best WordPress education theme, Education Park Pro.

Education Park Pro

Education Park Pro offers the robust Customizer API Options, like Theme options, Site Identity, Widgets, Header Image and so on. This theme is so simple and smooth that anyone having basic knowledge of WordPress can easily customize it.

The Homepage of the theme can be set from the theme options.

Education Park ProEducation Park Pro

The General Options provide you 3 Layout Picker for the post. I.e Right Sidebar, No Sidebar, and Left Sidebar. If you want to add social media accounts and contact information on the top of the homepage, then Top Header option is there.

Education Park ProEducation Park ProEducation Park Pro

The Banner Options and Banner Contact Options are different elements. In the banner options, you can set the style of banner, title, description and button text and link. Whereas, Banner Contact Form lets you add the title description and a respective email address. Banner Contact From is for those who want to ask queries. Likewise, you can hide/show the contact form on the Homepage.

Education Park ProEducation Park Pro

Both Intro Options (Intro Options 1 and 2) consist of Title, Background Image, Image Alignment, Background Options and Add Background Color. Remember that you need to create Introduction Page from the backend. Only after that, you can assign the Intro page on the Homepage.

The Top Call Out Options permits you to Show/Hide Top Call Out Section in the Homepage. Additionally, you can Call Out Title, Description, Category, and Layout. Same goes for the Call to Action Options. You can add Title, Description, Button Text, and Link, Background Image, Parallax Effect, Background Options, and color. Similarly, you can attach Video Links or Upload Video on Top Call Out Options.

Education Park ProEducation Park ProEducation Park Pro

The Course Options is for arranging course section of the website. This option permits you to add or remove Course Section in Homepage. There you can enter Title, Subtitle, No of Courses, Link, Single Page Contact Title and Description. Further, you can also add teachers list and information on the Team Section.

Similarly, Stat Options have 4 other sub stat sections which allow you to add desired text. You can add Background Image and also select Background Gradient Color 1 and 2. Likewise, you can add Title, Subtitle, No of Posts, Design, Background Image, and Color. Testimonial Options is not less than Stat Options. The only difference is sub Stat Sections. Moreover, you can Hide/Show Bottom Call Out Options, Clients Options and Blog Sections on the Homepage.

Education Park Pro

In Footer Options, you can select the design of Pre-Footer and Footer Options. There you can also add text and the link to your site. Education Park Pro offers Color Options, Header Options, and Background Site Identity. If you want to add Menu Section and Display Location on the Homepage, Menu Option is there for you.

Education Park ProEducation Park Pro

Education Park Pro

From the Widgets area, you can add three Footer Widgets, i.e Footer Widgets 1, Footer Widgets 2, and Footer Widgets 3.

If you want to know the full features and functions of Education Park Pro then don’t wait minute to go through it.

Theme Detail  Demo

The lite version of Education Park Pro, Education Park has managed to fall under the category of most excellent free WordPress themes of the month. Since it is an absolutely free theme don’t hesitate to check it.



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