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Robojob – A Job Portal theme powered by WP Job Manager


Robojob is an excellent job portal theme powered by WP Job Manager plugin which comes handy if you are looking out to launch either a niche focused job site or a large job site. Since it is powered by WP Job Manager, lots of extensions can be used to expedite your site along the way. It is perfectly responsive and has powerful customizer API options. Furthermore, it has a bundle of shortcodes which aids to the easy customization of the site, unlimited fonts and color, enable and disable option for various sections, multiple homepages, and contact page banner etc.


Let’s go through the theme and look up to the features and functions.


In the homepage, the topmost section contains a logo at the left corner and primary menu on the right. There’s login/signup button in the menu if no user has logged in. Once a user is logged in, a drop-down menu is created for that user who can view their profile, log out, view or manage resume/jobs according to their capability.


There are multiple banner options which let you choose between image, slider or map banner. Image and job banner come with a search form which searches jobs by category, keyword, and location. Just below the slider, there is a call out section which can be tweaked or hidden/shown from the customizer followed by default Rrobojob job listing that lists 6 latest jobs. Next to that is Robojob client section which is like a counter and shows total jobs, resumes, companies and members followed by Robojob client, testimonial, blog, call to action sections respectively which all can be enabled or disabled in the homepage and can be adjusted accordingly from the customizer option. Finally, on footer section, there are three widgetized areas along with footer texts and logos which can be altered. At the right corner of the bottom-most bar, there lies a footer menu and copyright text in the left corner.


Customize  RoboJob – Robojob Job Board Theme

The customizer API of the theme is extremely powerful with a dozen of options like typography, sidebar position, contact page options etc. You can fully adjust the homepage section via options in the customizer. Furthermore, other pages like contact page’s banner can also be switched between map and image, sidebar position in the archive, single, single-job, single-company can be changed, the logo of the company can be hidden or shown from job listing etc. In addition, social media links can be added in the social options.


Robojob also supports various post formats like image, video, gallery, standard etc apart from being focused to job listings only. To fully avail Robojob shortcodes and functions, extensions like WP Job Manager Company Profile, WP Job Manager Contact Listing, WP Job Manager Job Colors etc must be installed. Moreover, plugins: Robojob shortcodes and WP Job Manager Resume will be provided along with the theme if you make a purchase. The former plugin adds a button in the visual editor which helps you easily add Robojob shortcodes in the content.


Overall, Robojob is an awesome job board theme which helps you create job and listing sites. The powerful customizer lets you make changes in the real time by previewing before saving them. Moreover, purchasing Robojob is economical at the same time because it gives you free WP Job Manager Resume plugin worth of $39. However, as Robojob has lots of features and shortcodes, people may find it difficult to set up the site and use those shortcodes effectively but they can overcome their confusion by thoroughly going through the theme documentation and tutorial videos available.

3 Replies to “Robojob – A Job Portal theme powered by WP Job Manager”

  1. Hello Guys,

    Trust work is moving smoothly. Pls can i have a contact number need to talk with you concerning a site you developed for me.

    My 08065222221

  2. Its a perfect piece for a client website. I would like to ask a question.
    does this theme support user activites? Can it support saving job in a folder and managing jobs on the subscriber account?

    1. The functionalities that you asked for are part of add-ons for WP Job Manager Plugin. So while that all is supported, you will have to buy the plugin from WPJobmanager.

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