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Tips to Increase User Engagement in a Website


For a website, generating plenty of contents isn’t enough. The contents should be engaging with visitors. As well as, it should increase user engagement in order to make better performance. When a user spends time on a site, it can benefit in many ways like it enables to make a conversion, sale and decreases the bounce rate of the website. Thus increasing user engagement isnt that difficult but you should be very careful on few things which are further explained below.

What is User Engagement?

User Engagement is the term which is applied when visitors stick around in a website absorbing the contents or responding to them. For example, in a website, a user might click the links, comment, download documents, or perform other similar actions.

Increase user engagement in a website through contents

User engagement benefits a website in many ways. But the key is knowing the simple processes to increase it. Increasing user engagement has more advantages, it basically lifts your website to the next level. We can say, the purpose of building a website is fulfilled by user engagement. So let’s look into the necessary methods to follow.

Generate Engaging contents

A website shall occupy the necessary detailed information either of the products/services that they are offering. Then you need to make the contents attractive, easy to read or add infographics. Catchy headlines with useful content & a brand voice will be helpful. It is important to make qualitative contents rather than quantitative. One needs to be clear about the targeted audience and has to start writing focusing on them. Rather than creating problematic situations, the contents need to be problem-solving for the audience.

User-friendly interface

Responsive designs and clean layouts can make a website user-friendly. That’s why the contents need to look good on desktops as well as in mobile screens. According to statics, it is found that 52% of the users will leave the website because of bad screen resolutions or mobile experiences. Similarly, the clean & clear layout lets the users focus on the essential part of the content. On the other hand, complementary fonts make your articles visually appealing which enable the users to read more articles or interact with your website.

Make your website load faster

Generally, people don’t have the patience to wait more than a few seconds while loading a site. About 40% of the people leave a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. So it is necessary to make a website load faster measuring the speed of it. There are plenty of tools used for tracking the cause of low speed. Compress pictures, unused plugins or hosting sometimes can be the cause.

Use of Call to Action(CTAs)

CTAs allows visitors to perform a  specific task on the website. For example, you can direct visitors either to buy the products using “BUY NOW” or recommend them to comment on your site. A few simple CTAs will be helpful to boost a website’s engagement. The CTAs should use the right language and has to be relevant to the contents of the website.

Interact with the visitors

There are plenty of ways to make your site interact with the visitors. For example, comment sections, e-mails, social media, etc. Comment section allows you to interact within the website. Similarly, social media platforms will also help but necessarily you need to be available on one of those. You also will be able to form excellent customer support with those platforms which ultimately enhances a better interaction.

Better Internal Linkings

Internal Linking is the linking which lead the visitors to go through one page to other pages within your own website. As internal linkings are simple to implement, you need to be sure to link onto the relevant contents. Pointing users towards other relevant contents keep the users on the website for a longer period. Ultimately it boosts the user engagement. Moreover, internal links also make it easier to navigate through the contents.


So these are the general steps to follow to increase user engagement in a website. Consistency is another factor to increase user engagement in a site. So the flow of contents needs to be maintained systematically for the effective results. Hope this article will help you to make your site more engaging.

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