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WordPress 4.7 “Vaughan” review

WordPress 4.7 “Vaughan” was released on 6th of December, 2016 which is named after American jazz vocalist Sarah Sassy Vaughan. This version of WordPress is making immense news in the WordPress era in recent days so today I am going to review its features. The most significant feature of this version of WordPress is “twenty-seventeen” which is specially crafted for business sites. Furthermore, it has enshrined custom CSS with live preview, the video header, user admin languages and much more elements in it.

Let us start with the “Twenty-seventeen” theme. The theme incorporates all the new features of WordPress 4.7 and exhibits them beautifully. You can add video headers, large featured image, subtle animations without having to do any coding. Also, it has embodied multiple segments on the front page which can be customized with widgets, navigation, logo and social menus.

Video header

One of the most remarkable aspects of WordPress 4.7 is video header support. Twenty-seventeen is the first theme to provide this feature as default. You just have to add .mp4 format video in the video uploader or add YouTube or Vimeo URL. And there you have it! a video header without having to code a single line. However, the video header feature is limited only in front page.

WP video header

Theme Starter Content

WordPress 4.7 has come up with theme start up content like business info widget or a social icons menu. The content won’t be published until the user has customized and saved it.

Edit Shortcodes

Customizer API tool in a WordPress theme provides WYSIWYG interface where a user can change settings and see the result at the same time. WordPress 4.7 has encompassed pencil like shortcodes on areas which can be customized and by clicking on which you can go to the respective panel of the setting which would otherwise take the time to find out exactly which setting the user was searching for.

edit shortcode

Additional CSS

Additional CSS is a feature that is being provided by many free and premium themes. With the arrival of WordPress 4.7, additional CSS feature has been added where you can add extra CSS to tweak the design of your website.

additional css

Menu Building Made Easier

Users can now add pages from customizer while setting menu at the same time without having to navigate to the admin dashboard. Once the page has been created from the customizer user can go back to pages in the dashboard and edit the content.

easier menu building from customizer

Choose Language For Your Dashboard

A user language option has been added from now on. You can choose your language on Settings > General for the admin dashboard. However, it won’t change the language of the whole website.

site language

Editor Improvements

There has been made a minor change in the editor buttons where there’s easier access to the most used buttons.

editor improvements

Post Type Templates

WordPress 4.7 has introduced post type templates which will create much more flexibility with the template hierarchy for the developers.


WordPress 4.7 gives new ways of changing color of your website.

new color options

Thumbnail Previews for PDF Files

From WordPress 4.7, the thumbnail preview of the first page in users PDF document will be shown when user will upload it to the media library and also on PDF file’s attachment page.

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