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WordPress Users Roles and Permissions

WordPress Users Roles-WPreviewteam

There are many different WordPress user roles which are provided by themes and different plugins. WordPress by default provides five different user roles which we will discuss today.

WordPress default users roles are:-


Let’s dig out the different WordPress users roles in details.


Administrator WordPress users role holds the main authority on the site. This role is basically assigned to the site owner.

The administrator can add the new user, edit the themes, plugins, posts, pages, manages the user’s information. They can also change or delete the user’s authority. While assigning the user role administrator one must know clearly who to assign the administrator role.


Editor WordPress users roles manage all the posts and comments. An editor can edit, modify or delete the posts and comments on the site. They manage all the content sections of WordPress. The editors cannot manage the WordPress settings, install or deactivate theme or plugins.


The author WordPress users roles are provided with minimal authority in the site. They can only manage and publish their posts on the site. this WordPress users role can add their own category and the tags for their posts. They can also use the existing category and tags.
Authors also get permission for the comments section. They can check the comments, but they cannot modify, approve or delete any comments.


A contributor can add posts like the authors. But they don’t have the authority to publish their own posts and create their own category. However, they can create their own tags. Similarly, they are not allowed to add a file in the post, which means they cannot add an image in their article.
The comments which are awaited for the moderation can be viewed by the contributor but the comments cannot be edited, delete or modified by the contributor.


When you want the user login in order to read the articles or to add the comments, at that time subscriber WordPress users roles come into play. They don’t have the authority to write a post, view the comments and other any activities. They can only read the articles or leave the comments if they want to.


I hope this article helped you a lot to understand the user roles and capabilities of different users. 



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