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A complete guide to WordPress website maintenance and management in 2019

Guide to WordPress website Maintenance and Management.

In order to keep your website work properly as you have expected, there are some WordPress website maintenance and management that you need to take care of. This means there are certain responsibilities to carry on. Maintaining and managing a WordPress website may seem like a piece of a cake but it may be very time consuming and costly if things are not done properly.

Why WordPress website maintenance and management is necessary?

Let’s say, WordPress website is a beautiful home. But you never carried any maintenance. What would the home be like in some months/years of time? It would not be home anymore but a messy house we just live in. Cleaning, fixing, care, and love are necessary to make the home more like home. Same goes with WordPress or any other websites. WordPress website is built using PHP scripts and those codes are needed to be updated in terms of performance and security. This means the old database should be cleaned every now and then in order to increase the speed and security of your website. Similarly, in most cases, website owners think website maintenance as a burden and not a necessity. Some of them really don’t care. If the website is not updated, this will have a negative impact and probably increase the risk of it being hacked, reduced speeds and a decrease in SERP. Do you really want this to happen to your well-established website? I guess not. So down below we have provided the complete guide to WordPress website maintenance and management. 

WordPress Core Updates

As we know that WordPress is an open source content management system. Many core developers work on WordPress for its better performance (bug fixes, security issues, additional functionality, improvements and so on).  There are always some updates coming up and we need to keep track of the updates. And you need to update the available software to improve the design and function of your website. These updates are necessary to maintain the functionality of the site. 

Themes Updates

Like core WordPress, WordPress themes are also updated frequently to fix bugs and improve performance and security. Usage of the out-of-date theme may prone to the degrade performance and the security of your WordPress website. 

Plugins Updates

WordPress Plugins is created to add the additional functionalities in the website.  Like WordPress themes, it is also necessary to update the plugins you have used on your website. If there are any bugs, then it won’t take a second to affect the performance and security of our website. Whenever the author releases updates, we should update the plugins.

Off-site Backups of your website (Files and Database)

Technical World is very vague. We never know what the hackers are up to. Anything can happen at any time. No one can’t just guarantee that the site will never go down or get hacked. The main question is how to prevent your WordPress website from this kind of situation?  And the solution is backing up the latest files and database of your website. If your site goes down or got hacked then those backed up files help in the restoration of the site.  If not, be ready to lose a lot of money to re-develop. Moreover, keeping backups have majorly two benefits: can have the site up and running ASAP and cost-saving.

Security and Protection

This is obviously one of the most important aspects which fall under WordPress website maintenance and management task. As we know that WordPress is open source, which means any WordPress enthusiasts/ expert can easily examine the source code for the improvements. What is the point of saying this is, any hackers who have a knowledge of WordPress can easily hack the system and try to break the WordPress websites. Similarly, WordPress powers 33.6% of the world’s website. Even though this platform is protected from all sorts of malicious treats or objects, there are tons of hackers out there who are targeting WordPress, distributing malicious data code, stealing data and so on. If we fail to monitor the security threats, we will be losing the reputation of the brand and also the visitors of the site. On the other hand, there will be a huge impact on Google search ranking. Hence, if Google or another search engine found out your infected website, then they might block your website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is one of the major important WordPress website maintenance and management task that you should always care. Prioritize it, if you haven’t till now. Having a site is not enough, it must be SEO optimized and must gain a good position in Google to generate more traffics on your site. Or, let’s say your website is in the first position, but you didn’t give any attention to it for some weeks or let’s say a month? What happens? Possibly, your competitor website will snatch your position. Do you want this happened to your site? If no then start writing a blog, build link with other relevant sites, submit site to the Google Search Console, carry out site auditing with the help of Google Analytics tools, and so on. 

Inspecting and Fixing Broken/Dead Link 

Websites are developed for online visitors. What would the impact be when the visitor
find dead or broken links? Do you think they would visit your site again? I guess not. Because the dead or broken links send message to the visitors saying that the website owner didn’t take attention to his website, business, and customers. So you must inspect the dead links and try to repair them asap in order to stop your customers from visiting your competitors’ site. 

Removing Unused Plugin

The pool of installed but unused plugins is one of the reasons for affecting the performance of the WordPress website.  Remember that the website should always be light-weight and should be performing well.

Unapproved/Remove Spammy Comments

We know blogging is necessary to content marketing or generating traffics to your WordPress website. If your website has a blog section, you surely have a comment section. It is kind of a room for the discussion topics or for the review of your article and so on. But sometimes there are lots of spam comments coming in the site which immediately deteriorate the reputation of your brand. If we fail to remove the spam comments, it will leave the visitors with a negative impression. So start removing or unapproving spammy comments. 

Test Forms

If your WordPress website includes forms to have indirect communication between you and your visitor. Then make sure that the contact form is working correctly. Failing to test forms occasionally might have negative impacts on your business. We
should be certain that the forms are working well.


So, these are the guide to WordPress website maintenance and management. Give it big importance if you really don’t want to lose business and a huge sum of money. Check out the WordPress website maintenance calendar to enhance the performance of your website. There are lots of WordPress plugins and tutorials, which helps to maintain the good health of your WordPress website. 

*** If in case you are a non-technical person and don’t have any idea of maintaining and managing WordPress website, then we are there to help. Feel free to comment in the comment section. 

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