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Change admin username in WordPress


Don’t know how to update or change admin username in WordPress? We see a lot of users facing difficulties for this. No need to worry as it is very simple. You can do it just in few easy steps.Firstly, you need to know why to change WordPress admin username before going through how. One of the main reasons can be making your site secure and safe. For example, if you set your username “admin” then it will be very easy to predict, especially by hackers. So I suggest give your site a unique and strong username instead of a regular one. Likewise,  you can give an appropriate username that fits your site’s branding or style.

Whatever your reasons are, here you will know the steps to change admin username in WordPress.

Ways to change admin username in WordPress

There are 2 main ways to change or update WordPress admin username. It totally relies on your personal preferences to choose whichever method you feel comfortable with. You can either do it manually or install a plugin to simplify the process.

1. Change admin username manually

To change the admin username in WordPress first go to Users in the dashboard.

Then Click on “Add New”.

Change username in WordPress

Give the username that you want. Fill in all the information required and make your password strong.

You will also require a different email address(after the completion of the process you can always change back to your original email address i.e. the one you used before making new user). Then set the account’s role to Administrator. 

Then click on Add New User.  If you just want to change your username then you need to delete the previous username so that you can start using the new one. In our case, the new user will be “Marco” and deleting one will be “Jenna”.

But if you just want to add other users to your site then repeat the above process from Add New to the button Add New User.

Change WordPress username

After that, you have to choose the Attribute all content to: It enables you to take over the old contents. Now, Click on  Confirm Deletion. So your old account is deleted and now your ready to go with the new one.

2. By installing Plugin

Another way of changing the admin username in WordPress is by installing a plugin designed for that purpose. In our case, we will be using Username Changer. Go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New, search Username Changer, click Install Now and activate it.

After that, go to the Users > Your Profile option. Under the tab Common, click on profile, scroll down a bit, you’ll see ‘Change ur Username‘ beside the Username text box. Click here, give a new username and fill in the further information.

Change username in WordPress

Similarly, adding new users is the same process mentioned above. If you want to take control over the Roles who can change the username, then go to Settings > Username Changer. Here, you can choose the Roles from Allowed Roles who can change their username. The minimum length box allows you to limit the minimum length of username for the user.


For extra detail, you can go through the Username Changer.

As you can see changing WordPress admin username isn’t that difficult. But while doing so, you should be very careful as its a major change.

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