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How to Add Categories in WordPress?


In this article, we will show you step by step tutorial on how you can add categories in WordPress.

Category is pre-defined taxonomies in WordPress. It is the most general method of grouping similar content on a WordPress site. For example:- A news website has categories upon weather, sports, entertainments, health, travel, etc. Adding categories in WordPress is an easy task. There are two methods for adding categories in WordPress.

First, from the Category screen.

This method is the easiest way to add categories in WordPress. It is usually effective for adding all categories at once.


Click on Posts → Categories option in WordPress


Type the name, slug, and description in the box.

  • Name – Enter the unique name of categories.
  • Slug – The slug is the name chosen to describe your post that appears in small letters in the URL.
  • Parent – By selecting the parent category form dropdown, you can set the particular category as a sub-category or can keep it as none.
  • Description – It is optional you can add a brief description of your category.

After filling all the information about categories, then click on the Add New Categories button to save the changes

Second, from the Post Editing screen

Here, you can create a category in WordPress while writing a post. There is a category meta box on the right side of the post editing screen.


  • Click on the Add New Category Link


  • Type the category name on the box.
  • Then click on the Add New Category button.

Assign a post to a Category

After creating the categories, put them in the right hierarchy, and you are ready to assign the new posts in the respective category. You can assign posts to categories one by one as shown in the fig below.



So, this is how you can add as many categories to divide the contents of your page into a different section. Categories provide a helpful way to group related posts together.

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