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How to add images using WordPress Media Library


As we know that media files consist of the images, videos, recordings, and other similar files. We usually use the media files for adding images, videos, audio, etc in a page or post in WordPress. Adding media files isn’t that difficult if you know the WordPress Dashboard options. If not, then those options will start creating confusions. That’s why we came up with an article showing the basic steps for adding images using the WordPress Media Library.

Now, the very first thing to do will be the installation of WordPress in a server and activating theme as well as plugins. Also, let’s know a little bit about the WordPress Media Library.

What is WordPress Media Library?

WordPress Media Library is a virtual repository of the media files such as images, videos, audio, etc. which later on can be used by the user on their website. It allows the user to upload/manage/edit the media files and also insert them in the posts or pages. This media library consists of two types of views i.e. Grid View & List View. In Grid View, the thumbnails of images, audio icons & video icons are arranged in a grid layout. Similarly, in the List View, the lists of media files are arranged in the form of tables.

Add New image Using the WordPress Media Library


Login to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Media. Then click on “Add New”.


Click on “Select files”. After selecting the image, it will be shown as in the screenshot.


Note: the same process is followed for adding other media files such as audio/video.

Finally, the uploaded media file will appear like this in the Media Library.Uploaded-images-WordPress-Media-Library-WPreview-team

The“+” option from the top of the Dashboard can also be used to add media files. After that choose “Media” option. Then follow the same steps as above.


So as you can see here, we showed you the guiding steps to follow while adding an image using WordPress Media Library. Furthermore, we will be showing you the necessary things to do for adding an image in Posts and Pages too.

Adding images in  Post or PagesAdd-images-in-WordPress-media-library-WPreviewteam

For adding an image in Post, Navigate to Post. Then click on Add New if you are creating a new page. Place the necessary title and texts in the post and Click the “+” and select the Image option.


After that, you can choose the Upload option if you want to select images from your desktop. Similarly, you also can pick Media library or directly Insert from URL to add images directly.

( Note: For adding image through Insert from URL option, it requires the URL of the image as in the screenshot below)


On the other hand, Adding an image in Page is just like Posts. All you need to do is go to Pages>Add New and follow the same steps as mentioned earlier like in posts.

Also, if you don’t know to add a new page and post in WordPress then the following articles will help you and make it more clear.

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