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How to add links in WordPress Posts & Pages

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This article covers “How to Add Links in WordPress Posts & Pages “. For all beginners its tough to go through the WordPress Dashboard Options. As WordPress is one of the easy to use the platform, the beginners might consider it difficult. But no worries as long as you use it frequently you will get used to it.

You need to install WordPress first which you can do from WordPress.org, activate/install the theme as well as necessary plugins. Similarly, you need to consider the following topics before jumping to adding links.

Adding links in Posts & Pages

As we know, links are a word/groups of words or image through which you connect to a new page or new section within the current page after clicking on it. Adding links in WordPress is kind of important for both Posts & Pages. And also to do it properly, you need to perform the following activities.

Using  Block Editor


The very first step will be login to the WordPress Dashboard.  Navigate to Posts and click on Add new. If you are creating a new post, provide the necessary title, texts and make the posts content ready.


After that, select the particular words/headline and click on the Link icon as shown in the screenshot above. Then place the URL of the webpage you want to link in with.

(Note: adding links can also be done on existing posts following similar steps)

Placing-URL-adding-links-in post-WordPress,WPreviewteam

The last and important step is clicking on the “Save Draft” option.

Also, the same process is followed to add links in Pages all you need to do is Navigate to Pages first and repeat the same as explained earlier.

(Note: it’s always important to save to changes you made, otherwise you will lose it)

Using Classic Editor

Even in the Classic Editor, the steps are same for adding links in posts & pages. The only thing that seems different is the interfaces.


(Note: If you feel confused somehow then follow these guides. i.e Navigate to Posts/Pages >Add new>Title/text/contents of posts or pages. Click on the Link icon as shown above and place the URL)

And its done. As you can see it only costs a few minutes of your time to go through adding links in Posts/Pages. Hope this article helped you and answered your questionnaires.

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