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How to Change Font Size in WordPress? Basic Tips

In this article, I will cover the basic methods to change the font size in WordPress. It is very easy if you have a general idea of WordPress. WordPress is known for its user-friendly post-editing. And the following methods will let you do it in a couple of minutes. Here we’ll cover three methods:

  • Using a Gutenberg Editor
  • Using the TinyMCE Advanced Plugin
  • Using Custom CSS to change Font Size

Now let’s get started.

Method 1: Using Gutenberg Editor

You can change the font size through Gutenberg Editor also and here’s how:

Go to Posts then Add New if you are creating a new one or you can directly go to the posts and start editing from there.

On the Text Settings section, you will find two options “Present Size” where you will find a set of options. You directly can choose any of the options from there to change the font size.



Also, you can choose the option Custom and then enter the size of the text.


Method 2: Using the TinyMCE Advanced Plugin

The first step is to install and activate the TinyMCE Advanced plugin.

For that,  Navigate to Plugins>Add New. In the search box, search for  Tiny MCE Advanced Plugin and click on install then activate it.


Then go to Settings>TinyMCE Advanced to configure the editor settings, from there you can set up the buttons you want to use in the TinyMCE Advanced toolbar.

If you’re using it with the Classic editor, then you will see that TinyMCE has the ‘Font Size’ drop-down enabled by default in the second row of icons.


Similarly, if you are using Block Editor then you have to add the Font sizes drop-down to the toolbar just by dragging and dropping it.

Note: Placing the Font sizes drop-down to the toolbar will look similar to the above step as the Classic Editor.


After that, you’ll see the TinyMCE Advanced toolbars with a font size drop-down as shown in the image below.


This way you will be able to change the font size in WordPress using TinyMCE Advanced Plugin. Also if you don’t have any idea on how to install/activate a WordPress plugin then click here.

Method 3: Using Custom CSS to change Font Sizes

If you are a bit familiar with CSS then you can do it yourself if not then it’s better to take help from the theme documentation of the theme you are using. It will be helpful for you.

Changing the font size using CSS requires adding lines of codes. You can do this via the editor or Customiser. But, we recommend the customizer as it is an easier method.

Step 1: First Navigate to Appearance > Customize.


Step 2: Choose Additional CSS.


Step 3: Now you have to write some lines of codes as follows.

  • Change the font of the Paragraph.


You get to see the changes immediately just like the image below.


  • To change the entire font.



  • Similarly, to modify sidebar font size:


  • And to customize the footer font:


Wrapping Up!

As you can see WordPress offers great options for customization including font size adjustment. A perfect font size makes your content more engaging and these adjustments are incredibly easy to make. If you have any queries then feel free to comment in the section below.

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