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How to Check for WordPress Security Updates?

Check for WordPress Security Updates-WPreviewteam

As we know WordPress is one of the most popular platforms, where security updates are very crucial in order to help protect your websites from different security attacks and threats like hacks, malware, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, etc. Therefore, one should always check for WordPress security updates and perform those updates, whenever available in order to maintain a healthy running website.

Why do you need Security Updates?

Security is the main priority of every website owner and WordPress, being open source software, keeping it up to date is much recommended. WordPress updates patch the loophole present in the software and make it more secure to keep you protected from those security attacks and threats. It often releases updates to its core where they usually include fixes for the latest security issues.

Checking for security updates in WordPress core, theme and plugin is very easy as WordPress by default shows you the availability of all those updates. So let’s see how can we check it.

Checking For WordPress Security Updates

Note: Before performing the security update, I highly recommend you to take a complete backup of your WordPress site. This will allow you to restore your WordPress site if anything goes wrong making the update or if there is any compatibility issue.

Firstly, log in to your WordPress admin account and go to Dashboard > Updates. WordPress provides a dedicated page for updates where you can see all the available updates on the website. Besides the core software update, you can see the availability of plugins and themes updates as well.

WordPress Security Updates

The other thing you will see on the page is the timestamp of the latest update check that was done. You can again check it manually by clicking the Check Again button. The button Re-install Now appears if your WordPress Core file is up to date. But if there is an update available, then you will get button Update Now instead.

After the WordPress core, the section you need to visit is the plugins update section. The lists of installed plugins with updates available will be found in that section.

Wordpress Security Updates

As you can see in the above picture where a list of plugins with updates is available. To update it you can simply select required plugins and click Update Plugins button.

Similarly, below the plugins section, you can find the lists of updates available in themes. Just like plugins, the steps are similar i.e Select the required themes & click Update themes.

WordPress Security Updates

This way, the updates in plugins & themes are done. So, you have checked the WordPress security updates and updated all of your WordPress core, plugins and themes successfully. This check will surely help you to protect the website from different attacks and threats.

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