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How to Easily Deactivate WordPress Plugins


Plugins are the software that allows us to add the new features and functionality to our WordPress website. Since you have already learned how to install the plugin. This article will guide you with different ways on how to easily disable/deactivate WordPress Plugins.

How to deactivate a single plugin from the WordPress Dashboard

So, if you have your wp-admin login access then deactivating WordPress plugin is just a two-step process. Go to your Admin Dashboard, then click on Plugins -> Installed Plugins. Now on the plugins page, search for the plugin which you want to deactivate. Once the required plugin is searched, click on deactivate link below the name of that plugin. Remember deactivating a plugin this way will not delete the plugin entirely, you can still reenable it from the same page. However, if you want to remove it completely and you are sure if don’t need it anymore then you can choose the delete option to remove the plugin.


Deactivating multiple plugins from the WordPress Dashboard

If you want to deactivate a bulk of plugin from your dashboard, then select all the plugins you want to deactivate by clicking on the checkbox next to each plugin. Then go to Bulk Actions and select deactivate from the dropdown.


What if you do not have access to wp-admin and you want to deactivate the plugin from WordPress dashboard.  Don’t worry, you can still disable the WordPress plugin using different methods. The easiest method among them is using FTP.

via FTP

To Deactivate the WordPress Plugin using FTP, first, you need to connect to your FTP using FTP credentials. Once connected, navigate to the wp-content folder.


Inside wp-content, there is Plugin folder. Right-click on plugin folder and then select Rename. The new pop up will appear where you enter a new name for the plugin folder such as “deactivate-plugin”.


After the rename is complete, all the plugins are deactivated. You can go back to your WordPress dashboard after completing this process where you will see notifications about plugins deactivated.


So, to wrap it up we have discussed a few easy ways to deactivate WordPress plugins. Hope you guys are clear about the methods. If you have any issues don’t feel shy to leave a comment below.

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