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How to Edit Categories in WordPress?


In this tutorial, I will guide you to edit the categories in WordPress. But first, let’s know what a category is and why it is used.

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What is a Category?

A category is one of the default taxonomy that is used to organize content in WordPress. Generally, a category is a hierarchical way of grouping similar content in WordPress. You can use categories to sort and group your blog posts into different sections. In other words, categories help to determine the flow of content. For example, a business website can have categories like  About us, Contact Us, etc

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Edit categories in WordPress

The edit option allows you can change the name, slug and even the parent category of the existing category. There are 2 ways to edit categories in WordPress which are mentioned below:

  • Edit a Category through Quick Edit Option



The very first step to edit a category is to go to Posts, then Categories just like the above image.

Once you click on the Category section, you get to view all of the Categories and their details. Navigate to the options below the category and select the Quick Edit option.


After that, you will notice a menu option to edit the slug and the name comes up. You can go ahead and edit those details that require changing. Save the settings and you are done.

  • Edit a Category through the Edit Option


Just like earlier goto Category section first.  Click the Edit option under the Category that you want to edit.

You can change any details of the category such as the name, slug, the parent link as well as the description. 


After finishing you can then ‘update‘ to save the changes. Now it’s done.

Wrapping Up!

With these two methods, you can easily edit categories in WordPress. This way you can update and make changes in the categories of your website anytime.

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