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How to Edit Post in WordPress

how to edit post in WordPress

So, now you have already learned to create a post in WordPress, it’s time for us to edit post in WordPress. Almost in all situations, we have faced the need to make changes to existing posts. So today, you will learn how to make changes to the published posts.

Steps to edit post in WordPress

Now, in the post section, there is a list of all posts which we have created. It contains both published as well as unpublished WordPress posts. These listing will be present in all posts, pages, as well as other custom post type, created posts (Custom Post Type).

How to edit posts in wordpress

Now, as you hover above the individual posts we can see the edit button. Now, click that button to open the posting page. 

how to edit post

Finally, you have been redirected to the required post. Here, you can make all the edits as your preference. Once done with the edits, simply click “Update” which is located in the right section of the post.

The above process is similar for all the posts, post types, and pages. We can follow the same mechanism when we want to edit anything on WordPress.


So this is how you edit post in WordPress. I hope this article gives you a certain idea about the topic. Still confused feel free to mention in the comment section.


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