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How to hire a WordPress developer?


A WordPress developer, who can fix things for you rather than create more issues, is always in demand. It surely is easy to post a hiring ad and interview eager minds. But, what is it that you are looking for when you want to hire a WordPress developer?

Everyone can get the job done when they are instructed well, but we always look for creative minds that can take note of the issues and come up with efficient solutions to tackle them.

During this time of the pandemic, people consider hiring a remote developer to be a better fit these days. A remote developer can be more productive when they are given the liberty to work based on their time zone. Not only that, they can pull off jobs in minimal time than someone working a 9-5 job. A remote worker usually has more time and less distraction and is completely focused on getting the job done as soon as possible.

And in these times of peril, where the world is disturbed by the global pandemic hiring a remote developer has proved to be an effective fix for many companies around the world.

So, do you want to hire a WordPress Developer?

Whether it be designing your website, or working on themes and plugins, hiring an expert is always an ace in the hole.

For sure you can build a website on your own without needing to code. WordPress has made it easy for people to build their websites in no time. Using Page builders, ready themes & plugins, and hosting services, one can easily build and take their website live. However, hiring an expert developer is always the smart choice to overcome the issues a website can face over time.

Things to lookout in a remote WordPress developer

Let’s take a look at how we can hire a smart, perfectly fit WordPress developer working remotely or physically to build an online empire.

  • Striving to grow:
    A good developer will not sit ideal. They are always learning something or finding something meaningful to tweak up the work. This is a must have trait for anyone who wants to grow as a developer.
  • Task management:
    When the work load is pilled up, knowing what to complete first is a quality of a problem solver. Prioritizing the work load is hard for a remote worker. So, always look for someone who can understand the siginificance of a task beforehand.
  • Proficient Communication:
    A team can never function if there is no proper communication. Whether it be interally with the team or with the clients itself, no project can fucntion if the developer is unable to understand or pitch their views regarding the job.
  • Reliable:
    We know that being trustworthy is a major trait for anyone working in and out of the organization. So, look for someone who you can trust to deliver the project in time and with utmost effeciency.

These, for now, you can consider being a major aspect to look for in a developer besides their general qualification to code. Like we mentioned earlier, a programmer can code for sure, but what other character do you need for the team is for you to decide.

Steps to Hire a WordPress Developer

These steps are listed out in case you want to hire a WordPress developer working remotely or physically.

  • You can always choose to hire a single developer or just go with a team of developers instead.
  • Always keep in check if the party you hire has prior experienced in WordPress.
  • Don’t forget to check if they are profecient in languages like (PHP/API/HTML/JS and so on).
  • Be specific about the tasks the developer is to undertake in the future.
  • Ask them to highlight their previous work on the resume.
  • If necessary, take them for a test run to see if they possess the skill your require.
  • Schedule interviews.
  • While interviewing, listen to them carefully and observe their attitude towards the work you propose.
  • Check if one is team player or not.
  • Always run a background check even, just to be sure.
  • Always establish proper communication within the team to run things smoothly.
  • A good developer comes with a good pay too. Be flexible about it too.


Well, these are just some major points to consider if you are looking to hire a WordPress developer. This is more of a note than actually steps on how you can get the perfect developer running your projects. Also, feel free to drop your opinion in the comment section below to let us know what other aspects can we can take into account.

All the best!

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