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How to Password Protect a Page or Post in WordPress

Password Protect a Page or Post in WordPress-wpreviewteam

Password Protection for the page and post is WordPress built-in function provided by WordPress. It means that the correct password needed to be entered by the user or visitor for accessing the post or page. This allows the administrator to hide sensitive information from those that shouldn’t have access to it.

How to Password Protect a Page or Post in WordPress

Whenever a new post or page is added in WordPress site, visibility is set to ‘PUBLIC’ by default. This means that anyone can read the content.  WordPress offers password protection features within all WordPress installs.

To set the password for page and post, follow these simple steps.

  • Edit the post or page from the WordPress dashboard and find the post you’d like to password-protect.
  • On each post and page in your WordPress site on the right-hand side, there is a section titled Visibility.
  • To add a password, mark the checkbox next to a password-protected field.
  • Now you will be prompted to enter a secure password for your post and page. Password will be the letters/ numerals that you will need to provide to your visitor or accessing the content. Remember, always use a secure password that isn’t too easy to guess.
  • Once the password is entered, you will need to save the document. Now your post or page will be Password Protected.
  • Then you need to provide the password for the visitor who should be able to view content.

password protected post and page

 View the Page/post that has password protection enabled.

Password Protection page or post on WordPress site, only the visitor who enters the correct password will give access to hidden content.

To view the password-protected page or post in WordPress:

  • The administrator of the WordPress site provides a special password to view content on a specific page.
  • Visitor locates the page where they need to enter the password. They paste the password provided  to access the content.
  • If the password entered correctly, the visitor will be able to see the page or post content.

password protected post page

Finding or changing a password.

Only an Administrator/ editor can change the post’s password or visibility setting.  For that, use the “visibility:  Edit” link again. This link is also a good way to reveal a forgotten post password.


Wrapping up, this is how you Password Protect a Page or Post in WordPress. Simply follow the steps, your work will be done in a few minutes. Still confused, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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