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How to Schedule Post in WordPress


For beginners exploring the WordPress dashboard is a tough task and scheduling posts is a tougher one. So here I  have come up with a simple solution that will help the beginners. This article covers simple easy guiding steps necessary to schedule posts in WordPress.

The first thing to do will be the installation of WordPress and WordPress theme which I think you have already done. So now we are ready to dig into scheduling posts in WordPress. Now, be ready to explore the processes.

Schedule a Post in WordPress Using Block Editor


As always, the first step is to login WordPress and visit the Dashboard.


Navigate to  Posts, then click on Add new. Write your post and go to Publish.   Click on the “Immediately” option.

Publish-section-WPreviewteam                           Publish-section-schedule-post-in-WordPress-WPreviewteam

From the above picture, you can see that clicking ” Immediately” gives you the selection of date and time options. Through it, your post gets scheduled and later on will be published according to the date and time you have placed. Then click OK.

Here, you can select a future as well as the past date and time for publishing your article in WordPress.


Click on Schedule and it’s done. The above steps will only appear in Block Editor.

Schedule Posts in WordPress Using Classic Editor

If you aren’t comfortable using Block Editor then you can choose Classic Editor too.

Scheduling posts in the Classic editor is similar to Block Editor only the visual appearance is different. Follow the same steps mentioned above up to writing Post.


Just like the Block Editor, this one also has the same options i.e. Publish Immediately. Click on the “Edit” option so that you will get the selection options of date and time as shown above.


Place the specific time and date and you are done now.

So these are the easy steps to schedule a post in WordPress. Hope this article gives you the idea to create or add a new post in WordPress.If you have any queries or suggestions then feel free to comment on the section below.

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