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How to Turn Off Comments Notifications in WordPress

turn off comment notification

When user post comment, by default WordPress sends you an e-mail message notifications. These notifications can be helpful, but if your WordPress site receives a lot of comments, it can also be annoying and may fill up your inbox. This article describes how to change the WordPress e-mail notification settings for comments and comments moderation. WordPress has a built-in function to turn off comment notifications. This feature allows an administrator to turn off a comment from the admin dashboard. If you are tired of this notification from WordPress, follow the following steps to turn off comments notification in WordPress.

Turn Off Comments Notifications in WordPress

First, log in to your WordPress Admin dashboard as administrator. In the left panel of dashboard, click or hover on settings and select discussion. (Settings > Discussion). The Discussion Settings menu includes all the settings for managing comments. There are many discussion settings for the comment’s settings.

Turn Off Comments Notifications in WordPress


To turn off comment notification, in the discussion settings find the “Email me Whenever” section and unchecked boxes that give you control of when authors and administrators receive notification that comments have been made.

  • Anyone posts a comment– To receive an e-mail message every time when someone posts a comment.
  • A comment is held for moderation– To receive an e-mail message every time a comment awaits moderation.
  • Turn Off Comments Notifications in WordPress

Then click Save Changes button to save the settings.

These simple steps will turn off the notification emails you receive whenever user post a comment, or when a comment is held for moderation. It’s always a good idea to require manual approval for comments. There could be various spam and unwanted comment on the site. Turning off comment notification only turn off email notification not comment notification in WordPress admin dashboard. Hope you found the useful guide to successfully turn off comment notifications.

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