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Learn how to add new page in WordPress


This article will cover – ‘How to add new page in WordPress’. Here we will be guiding you the basic easy steps to create/add a new page in WordPress. If you are new to WordPress then I’m sure visiting each and every option becomes a little annoying. Especially when you don’t know what those options are and how it works. But once you start to use WordPress, the dashboard will start to be more familiar. As you’ll be using it frequently.

The very first step will be the installation of WordPress and WordPress theme which I think you have already done. So now we are ready to dig into creating/adding a new page in WordPress. Let’s visit the basic steps.

Adding a new page in WordPress



First of all, you need to login to your site. and visit the WordPress Dashboard. Then navigate to Pages and click on “Add new“.



Add “title” of your page in the title box. Provide the contents of your page down the title box. On the top left corner just beside the dashboard menu, you will find  “+”. Hovering it you will see “Add Block“. This section gives you varieties of options which enables you to add media files, heading tags, custom HTML and so on.

Set Featured Image


The Featured Image will allow you to include an image representing your page on your website. For that, you need to click on “Set featured image” link and select the image and upload it.

Page Attributes

Add new page in WordPress, Page attribute, WPreview team

A page can become a parent page and also has child pages. One can control this from the “Page Attributes” section located on the right sidebar. You can always select/set the parent page from “Parent Page” dropdown.

Status and visibility section

Visibility Option


Visibility option is one of the important section that one should know about. With the “Visibility” option you can make your site private, password protected or private. The public option will let your post be visible to all the website visitors after it gets published. Similarly, the Password protected options will let you visit the page only if you have a password of it. And the final private option only allows you(author) or the admins to view the page.

Publish Immediately


Moving on to the Publish option. It gives you the freedom of scheduling the page contents or posts. If the page consists of posts then scheduled time will be displayed on your page after publishing the contents. But the page itself cannot be scheduled.  Click on “Immediately” to schedule as shown in the screenshot above.

Similarly, on top of that, you will see three different options. The “Save Draft” button saves your post as a draft which is not ready to be published yet. On the other hand, the “Preview‘ button allows you to view the live preview of your post on the site before publishing. And finally, with the “Publish” option you will make your page live on the website.

Also if you are not comfortable with Block Editor then you can also choose “Classic Editor” which is also easy to use.

Get more information about pages: https://wordpress.org/support/article/pages/

That’s all. Hope this article is helpful for you.

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