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What is a WordPress Widget? How to make use of it?

WordPress Widgets

What is a WordPress Widget?

A WordPress Widget is a simple element which you can add to the WordPress sidebar. The widget allows you to add the minor functionalities in your site without you having the technical expertise. You can simply drag and drop the widgets block in the area defined by the themes and plugins.


How a Widget can be added?

A Widget can be added in a simple way.

For examples, you can go to Dashboard-> Appearance -> Widgets, where you will get the multiple numbers of widgets. Widgets come with the themes, plugins, and WordPress itself.

Most of the theme provides the WordPress widget areas in header, footer and mostly in the sidebar. By default, WordPress provides some widgets like nav menu, categories, calendar, search, recent posts, image, etc.

If the user drags the calendar to the sidebar area then the calendar will be displayed in the sidebar. In addition to this, the user also can add the calendar title. In addition, the user can also duplicate Widgets multiple times.

Useful free Plugins for Widgets

There are many free plugins for widgets in the internet which a user can make use in the site. However, let me just list some that we find very popular,

SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle – A Complete WordPress Widget

The SiteOrigin widget bundle gives you a collection of widgets that you can use and customize as per your need. This plugin provides you with advanced forms, unlimited colours and 1500+ icons. Please feel free to explore the plugin to check what all the plugin has to offer. I am sure this will make your job even more easier. 

Custom Sidebars – Dynamic Widget Area Manager

Custom Sidebars is an easy to use plugin which allows you to display custom widget configurations on any page, post, category, post type, or archive page. Please check and make use of it. 

Contact Widgets- Contact WordPress Widget

With this plugin, you can display social media and contact information on your website with simple, easy-to-use widgets. This plugin,however, requires PHP 5.4 or higher version. Please take a look. 

Basically, you will find tons of plugins for widgets. You can check here.


To wrap up, we learned bit about what is a widget and how it can be used. Also, we explored some popular widget plugins which can be used in different areas of a website. Should there be very useful widget plugins, please add theme in the comment section. 

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