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Write for guest blog post for us.

Write for WP Review Team

We are all about providing information that revolves around WordPress and it’s radius. If you can do that and want to do that as well and want to write for us, you are more than welcome to write a guest blog post for us.

We will display the article under your profile, so you get a back-link to your website from us along with the article being published for thousands of WordPress enthusiasts.

Here are the basic rules that you will have to follow.

  • The article should be around web design and WordPress
  • The article shouldn’t be offensive to any particular group, person or anything that is offensive to others.
  • Guest post inquiry SHOULD be sent via the form below. Any other form of contact for guest post, won’t be entertained.
  • The article shouldn’t be a rip-off of someone else or even your pre-published article.
  • The article should be at-least 500+ words.
  • You will have to send any images that needs to go with the article. The images should be either your property or GPL, MIT or CC licensed.